Museum BMW (72 photos)

The idea and concept of the first BMW Museum belong Shvantseru architect Karl (Karl Schwanzer). Building-cup, built in Munich, Germany in 1973, he saw a continuation of the road leading to it - the same rush of speed and enclosed in a confined space. The author tried to create the effect of motion museum visitors on a straight road, with an area platforms, connected by passages on both sides of it. At the time of its inception, the BMW Museum was the first museum in the road Gremanii.

In its present form the Museum consists of two buildings, referred to simply as "low" and "round". The legendary "round" building adjacent to the symbol group - Tower headquarters BMW, resembles a 4-cylinder engine. Spent the last large-scale reconstruction, modern architects have tried to keep the idea of ​​Professor Shvantsera and send visitors on a journey through a translucent suspended transitions from last concern - in his future. In 2002 began the development of a plan to expand the Museum, and in 2004 an extension to the "cup" has increased the exhibition area five times, allowing the host within 25 individual exposures hundreds of unique exhibits.


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