"Taste worth dying for whom"

"Taste worth dying for the sake of which" - a slogan coined indiscreet John Bass (Jon Basso) for his restaurant «Heart Attack grill», opened in 2006 in Dallas. The name and slogan are not chosen randomly, owner of a chain of fitness centers Bass was so impressed with the stories of their clients on how they sneak to bypass diet eating fatty food, I decided to open a restaurant with such a bad meal, so she was shocked. The restaurant's menu: French fries fried in lard, cola with natural sugar, cigarettes without filter, and most importantly: 4 kinds of hamburgers, the largest of which includes 8 pieces of cheese, 16 pieces of bacon, a tomato, onion and pulls on 8000 calories. And no salad, no Diet Coke in the menu.

Contrary to the rules of marketing, the restaurant is not even trying to hide its harmful nature, calling customers - patients, putting them in pajamas and rolling in a wheelchair. Success seems counterintuitive, but there is no release from the customers and the only restaurant quickly became the network.

With numerous critics Bass agrees to only one, saying, "Do not come here every day, it will kill you».


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