Lake Australia

Australian Gipslendskie Lake sometimes turn into a fantastic spectacle. Photographer Phil Hart was able to make photos that night lake glow blue "neon" light.

reason is bioluminescence - the chemical reactions of life living organisms that inhabit the waters of the lake. As a result, bioluminescence released a large amount of energy released in the form of light.

In itself, the phenomenon of bioluminescence - not so rare, but there are not so many places where it manifests itself in such a grand scale.

Photographer throwing stones into the water and immediately clutched his camera, as the water began to glow

Meanwhile, there are entire bays, which can be regularly observed this phenomenon: for example, two of these are located close to the Bay of Puerto Rico: La Parguera and Mosquito Bay, one in Vieques and another one in Fajardo. So that the water in the bay "lit up" in the water in which they live algae dinoflagellates, throwing large rocks or floating on the water boating, water rowing oars strongly - particularly well visible light in the dark moonless night.


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