The best invention of women (16 photos)

What do you think invented the woman? You'd be surprised ...

1. Astrolabe

A device for measuring the coordinates of celestial bodies has invented a female scientist, philosopher, astronomer and mathematician Hypatia of Alexandria in 370 BC. e. 2. Pink Champagne

Nicole Barbe Clicquot in 1808 developed the technology "riddling", by which the champagne for the three months getting rid of sediment and becomes crystal clear to have had real success, greatly improving the quality of the beverage.

3. Circular Saw

Tabitha Babbitt long watched the men working saw cut logs a special saw with two handles, for which you need to pull it back and forth. Although the load on the two men was the same, sawn timber only when the saw is moving forward and in reverse motion with the log, nothing happened. Babbitt thought it was a waste of energy, and in 1810 created a prototype of a circular saw, which later came to be used in the sawmill industry.

4. Periscope submarine

With this device, which is patented in 1845. Sarah Mather, determine the distance to the observed object.

5. Canned meats

In 1873 at the World Exhibition in Vienna, our compatriot Nadezhda Kozhin has demonstrated a method of preparing canned meat, for which he received a medal.

6. Dishwasher

Missed some of your favorite dishes porcelain service, Josephine Cochrane has created a machine that just washes the dishes and beats. This happened in 1886, but only 40 years later, the device Cochrane was considered necessary thing in the economy.

7. Bra

This part of the female wardrobe was patented Ermine Kadol in France in 1889. In a corset workshop Ms. Kadol put the product, known as «le Bien-Etre» («well-being"). Cups of bra support two satin ribbons, and behind all this construction was attached to the corset.

8. snowblower

Cleanliness should be not only at home but also in the streets, I decided usual secretary Cynthia Westover and gathered great-grandfather of modern machines to clean the streets of snow in 1892.

9. Wipers

The first car wipers Mary Anderson invented in 1903. She felt sorry for the driver, who was forced to constantly during the blizzard stopped the car and shoveling snow from the windscreen.

10. Filter coffee

Thanks Merlitte Benz lovers a cup of coffee free from the tedious procedure for the preparation of portions of other-third. The first filter cone coffee Merlita own twisted sheet of notebook with a student in 1909.

11. Muffler Car

This acoustic filter invented El Dolores Jones v1917 year, after which the world around us became a little quieter.

12. Diapers

Tired mom and housewife Marion Donovanv 1917 sat at a sewing machine with a shower curtain and, after several attempts, has created a waterproof covering for the diaper. Unlike rubber sliders that were already on the market, design Donovan does not cause chafing and pressed the baby's skin.

13. Chocolate cookies

During the preparation of cookies on the classic recipe, Ruth Wakefield in 1930, went to the experiment, melt the chocolate bar and adding it to the dough. It was very tasty cookies, which later Ruth and her husband launched into production.

14. Wi-Fi

Hedy Lamarr gained notoriety after starred in the Czech director Gustav Mahat, for the first time in the history of cinema was allegedly the scene of a sexual nature, for which Adolf Hitler called it an enemy of the Third Reich, and Pope Pius XII called good Catholics do not watch the movie. But Headey fascinated not just a movie. In 1941 she patented a secret means of communication, which dynamically changes the frequency of the broadcast to make it difficult to intercept the enemy. Since 1962, this product was used in the American torpedoes, now used in mobile communication and WiFi.

15. Body armor

In 1965, Dr. Stephanie Kwolek invented Kevlar, a synthetic material that is five times stronger than steel. Her invention has saved thousands of lives of police officers, firefighters and military. Kevlar has become the basis for bulletproof vests.

16. Silicone

Sculptor Patricia Billings has set itself the task of creating a cement additive, which would have prevented its creation from destruction. After several years of experimentation, in 1970, it finally reached its goal, inventing an unbreakable plaster. Shortly thereafter, Billings found that the material was also surprisingly resistant to fire.
This small list - yet another reason to be proud of women and love them not just for the tenderness and beauty, but also for the curious mind and creativity in the pursuit of goals.


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