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Pine growing in California named Methuselah - 4844 year. Age pinpointed the annual rings of its trunk, a few thousand years ago, lightning damage. Since missing the Vandals and in California, the exact location of Methuselah Botany and rangers from the public hide, we only know that it is growing in Yosemite National Park. Its trunk is no audio inscription "Here was Kohl (Winnetou, Amenhotep II)."


97-year-old Angelo Cammarata, who lives in Pennsylvania and is listed in all the record books as the world's oldest bartender, this year finally retires. Having stood at the counter of 79 years and after hearing all the history of the world, that drunken visitor can tell the barman, Angelo, a couple of years ago, I decided to sell his establishment "Cammarata café" and seems to do a book compiling his memoirs. If this is the fate of the men's encyclopedia written promise that you will know about it first.


Kid Jaelre Lingdo (Jerly Lyngdoh) - 31 year old. And it is still worn on the hands and put on his diaper. Jaelre, born in India, suffers from an extremely rare pituitary dysfunction that prevents maturation of his body and in part of the brain. He can not really speak for the physical development of almost eighteen months corresponds to the child. They grow up and grow old at Jaelre only teeth. Parents, brothers and sisters are Gerry with great love, as in India, all sorts of oddities in children is considered a sign of special favor to the family of the gods.


During excavations in the Gobi Desert was found tombs dated to about 700 BC. e. Together with the well-preserved skeleton, archaeologists have found the world's oldest kilograms of cannabis, which is partly preserved its ... uh, therapeutic function. Ethan Ruus, the expedition leader, explained that while cannabis use as a medicine, as well as material for ropes and clothing. But what it does in the grave in such an amount, the scientist found it difficult to answer. He only said that the deceased are usually placed in the grave that they loved in life.


The plot, however, is so-so, no special effects, but the 5,200-year-old age forgiving. Found in Iran metallic cup bears the ornament in the form of different phases of the jump of a mountain goat. And if you turn the cup is very fast, the kid starts to jump, especially if pre-torque properly sipped from the cup that helps to better assimilate the primitive animation.


The British Millie Cooper in his 96 years, twice a week, takes a very seasoned connoisseurs of beauty. The cost of the evening in her company - $ 1200, and the lack of customer Milli not complain. And often it is a very young people who admit that their peers push their "pig pink" and "emptiness in his eyes." Millie worked as a prostitute to 27 years, though he never was on the panel. She is familiar with men on newspaper ads, and not chasing amount, preferring quality.


Last school Chinese Ma Chi Zhuan studied 90 years ago, but she did not finish my studies given: parents sent the girl on a cotton factory. Now the 102-year-old Ma decided to resume the interrupted education and went to study in the first grade Weshan Road. Her leadership itself proposed granny to sit at the desk after a local newspaper Ma said it was her dream. Perhaps they hoped that the old lady was just joking. Vain hope.


Redfish caught by fishermen in Alaska in 2009, shook anglers fish for this incredible dimensions: body length greater than a meter and a weight approaching forty kilograms. Ichthyology, caused fish to explore, as it scales and salt deposits found that perch sailed into the sea less than a hundred years. It is exactly ten times more than normal life span of this species. Namuci beast as it should, it is released back into the sea, ringed beforehand. And at the same time added to the list of Guinness.


This elegant cross between a coffin chest still works. Apparently, the rap for that awkward situation when it is freshly bought miracle technique broke three hours after the first activation, and no repair crew was unable to fix it. Given that the unit is worth 99 pounds, which in 1936 was approximately 8,000 current dollars, from the balcony of his mission is over - the owner of the carefully preserved senseless fool in the closet. Anyway look then was practically nothing, there is only one channel that is worked only six hours a day and showed mostly old movies. But in 1946, she found a craftsman who could mend the poor thing, and since then the TV is working flawlessly. Last year, it was sold to the British Bonhams auction for 17,000 pounds.


With 718 hotel Houshi, the Japanese capital hosted ladies and gentlemen, to follow on a pilgrimage to temples and Ishikawa province who visited the bath simultaneously with the local hot springs. Until now, the hotel operates a family - Dzengoro Hoshi, opened it 1300 years ago.


In 1645 in Sweden there was a newfangled invention then - own newspaper, established by order of Queen Christina. All postmasters now had the duty not only to deliver mail through the towns and villages, but also inquire at the townspeople all important news and to deliver a report on them to the capital, where he published "Regular mail news" that later on the same postal carriages were distributed around the country . Since then, the newspaper has never stopped its release, and today it is called the "Postage and national news." However, since 2007 it exists only in the form of an electronic version, but is still the main source of information about the most important political, economic and administrative developments in the country: the law obliges it to publish all announcements about changes in the law, bankruptcy and so on.

Site was registered March 15, 1985 and today is the oldest registered domain names in the world. And yes, it works. On the site you can read what you read a moment ago. And more there is nothing there, except for a handful of left-wing banners. Such an ideal thing in itself.


Norwegian paddle steamer "Skibladner" was launched in 1856 and still runs on the lake Mos. A hundred and fifty years of sailing on the same straightforward route linking the two railway stations, "Skibladner" probably could tell a lot about romance and unpredictability of shipboard life. He was twice lucky enough to sink slightly - in 1937 and 1967, and once even a small pozharchik lucky.


Yes, released in 1884, the French car brand De Dion-Bouton more like a steamer kooky than the vehicle. But still on the run and is capable of speeds up to 40 km / h! Last year, the Hershey auction it was sold for 4, 6 million dollars. The buyer wished to remain anonymous, but we do not think that having a krasotischa, can be long to be discreet. The first trip to the store on the good old De Dion-Bouton - and someone is sure to pay attention to you.


120 years - the minimum age of the oldest in the world of jeans. They were released in the late 1870s by Levi's, then happened to them, I suppose, a lot of interesting things, and after they have been lost under unknown circumstances by its owner in the Nevada desert. Dig them firm, conducted the excavation works, and put panties on eBay, where they are in 46 000 dollars bought ... Guess who? That's right, the firm Levi's, which on this occasion has given a million interviews, thus obtaining PR amounting to a hundred times greater. You see, from the time of the auction two years have passed and we are still writing about it.


Living in Derbyshire (Great Britain) Donkey Hee Howe recently turned 54 (nickname in Russian it would be better translated as Eeyore, because that's how we have translated the name serouhogo friend of Winnie the Pooh.) Usually asses live 25-30 years, but this stubborn and did not want to leave the earthly world to put the nature of time. And not lost: the owners are now almost on his hands are his grazing, feed doroguschy, even dietary yummy briquettes, dressed up in warm poponku and once a month causing him veterinarian. Well, journalists, interviewers come with all sorts of cameras and sweet carrots - all as expected.


Just recently, 115 years will be executed former postman, Dziroemonu Japanese idol, which is now considered the oldest of the men on the planet. Idol feels quite good for its age, keep a clear mind and a sober mind. However, he did not know what to tell reporters about the secret of his longevity, because, he said, he had never led a very healthy way of life - not avoiding any alcohol or tobacco. But he never overeat, because he did not like the feeling of excessive fullness.

Burning lamp

The website anyone can make with the help of a webcam, that light bulb lit in 1901 in the city of Livermore fire station and Do not turn off since then never, still burned. The camera in the constant surveillance installed next to her in 2001, when this small 4-watt light bulb handmade celebrated its centenary.

Leather shoes

This elegant shoe 5,500 years. Its excavated, archaeologists investigating a cave in Armenia. Where are another 180 pairs of ladies cave - is unknown, but found that she wore a 36th the size of which, in fact, concluded that this lady's shoes.

Top Model

Carmen Orefays American, standing on the podium at the age of 18 years, does not come down from it so far, despite its venerable age - 81. And she is still beautiful. Anyway, her every appearance is accompanied by a sigh of admiration throughout the hall, which do not cause even young beauties. Because this is incredible - so look at such an advanced age.


It is not known exactly when it was opened in Salzburg restaurant "Cave of St. Peter» (Stiftskeller St. Peter), located near the monastery of the saint. But the first mention of it relates to the year 803 - the so-dated document, which focuses on the monastery and reported that the monastery has a tavern, where pilgrims can eat for a modest fee.

Fossil bacteria

This piece was found in Eastern Australia, a group of scientists led by David Weiss, exploring deposits in there the sandstone rocks. We know that these rocks were formed no later than 3, 4 billion years ago. To the surprise of scientists, in their depths was found quite Dried, but undeniably a bacterium belonging to the class of hemobaktery. Thus, life on Earth began just over 200 million years, since the most ancient microorganisms found still had the children's age of 3, 2 billion years. Ha, look at my grandmother ... grandgrand, dear reader. It is true that adorable?


22th child Ramadzhita Reu was born when he was 93. However, his wife is Ramadzhita young: she was not even 50 years old. This is the second of his spouse. Ramadzhit sex with her three times in the middle of the night, waking up at four and indulging in a useful and salutary case until six in the morning. Maybe it's a little more than you wanted to know about Ramadzhite, but on the other hand, it's nice to think that on some of my things time has no power.

Headed Cat

Keys named Frank, and Louis, who lives in Massachusetts, recently turned 13 years old. Cat of the neck perfectly normal, looks at the world with three eyes and two noses sniffing it. Eat-Frank and Louis, however, can only one mouth, because the second, alas, does not have access to the esophagus, and even though it was the happiest cat in the world. The rest of the Frank-Louis and behaves like a normal cat: playing wrappers, climbs to snuggle up to the hostess and snoozing in the picture poses on the couch. Of the numerous comments to the roller on YouTube, dedicated to the cat, the best is undoubtedly "Dear Lord! Please, come to drink! "


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