Moscow wipers. Walk (25 photos)

In addition to the recent theme of "Sobyanin and windshield wipers».

zyalt writes:
Last week in Moscow it snowed and then it was removed, and he fell again!
Then all melted last night and all of a sudden frozen and Moscow has turned into a huge skating rink.

In general, the usual Russian winter, unpredictable, snowy and very beautiful. I love this weather.
Today, a walk around Moscow and look at the snow, ice, and those who have it all clean.

Last week in Moscow fell unprecedented snowfall. Public utilities have even said that this is the worst snowfall for the last 100 years.

I love snow, Moscow immediately becomes very beautiful and clean.

For better snow watch, standing in a traffic jam in a warm car.


And yesterday was freezing rain and ice-covered sidewalks.

All at once began to fall.
"I do not go and not go,
Because sleet,
But great is fallen,
Why did no one is happy? »

Classic scene. Some asshole parked like an asshole, a trolley can not drive up to the stop. And then this fellow asshole will squeal that trolley clumsy.

Moscow stop. Try to guess what bus routes and where to go from here?

Chic University Metro station, mutilated advertising. Hopefully, it will be removed.

At the University a few years ago for some reason put the fences, which are now all rusty and look terrible. Why do they want here - is unclear.

I was driving yesterday, look, a lot of janitors something pure.

For those who do not know, all of Moscow's wipers are as follows:

Why is that? Who will tell. It's an old Moscow tradition. The salary of a janitor 20-30 thousand rubles. But in the hands of migrant workers receive at most half that amount, the rest goes into the pocket of the management control of companies. Officially, on the site of the janitors often work friends and family heads of the Criminal Code, and in fact disenfranchised Tajiks. The situation for many years and it is not clear how to fix it.

Migrant workers do not swear, argue and defend their rights, they will live in the barracks, and silently do the job. It is a huge business

Living wipers usually like this:

The average salary of migrant-wiper 6000 rubles. Officially they do not exist. Each worker brings a host of up to 20 000 rubles per month.
500 employees 10 000 000 rubles per month, and this is only one hostel.

Each has its own story of how he came to Moscow.
 - And the police have not touched?
 - What are you! The police protects us. The owner agreed with them if any problem, we are to call them, they all decide!

The conditions in which illegal immigrants live-wipers, sometimes even worse and harder than their job. They sleep in shifts, lack of sanitation, etc. "In every area of ​​the city have special dorms for the workers, but the places they usually sell to traders from the markets. - Tajiks sent to the cellars, where they live, give birth to and raise children, cook, wash and eat in the basins among the pipes. " Place in the basement, too, is: for the Russians - 400 rubles, for the inhabitants of the CIS - 500 rubles. & Quot;

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