As I nursed the dog

Immediately warn, nervous animal lovers better not to watch. The ending had a good history, but pictures - tin.

The dog was completely exhausted, in addition to his tail and hind leg was a huge wound

unclear how this happened to the poor man, but my heart bleeds, looking at these pictures

Walking skeleton, skin and bones. As he was still alive ???

At the same time people knew about it, he had improvised kennel, someone even brought him food and water. But this was clearly insufficient

This is - a nightmare

Savior takes the dog in her arms, because walking the dog could not

Now it is waiting for care and love

First, we treat the terrible wound

It is not clear how it happened, but because of the infection to eat rice to lose a tail or paws

Snacks !!!

Slowly but surely getting better

This dog food !!!

And love the host

Best friends - the owner and his dog!

No one imagines that passed through the well-fed and contented dog.

And all because he is love and care.


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