Hate Hotline

In Germany, opened the first "hate hotline", where anyone can call to yell and swear, reports dapd. The idea to open a telephone channel belongs to Ralph Schulte and Alexander Brandenburg, employees of an advertising agency. According to the founders of the "hot line hatred", people sometimes just need to let off steam.
According to Schulte and Brandenburg, dealing with angry customers, they appear to them as a telephone sparring partners. They listen to insults for 1 euro and 49 cents per minute. Operators' telephone line hatred "note that accept calls from 16 to 18 hours a day. The service operates in Wiesbaden just a few weeks.

In general, I think so. 90 Euro per hour is possible not only by telephone poprinimat, but also as a punching bag (in the manner of Japanese relaxation) to stay.
Right thoughts in this very Wiesbaden. I understand that they have there now is not particularly the holiday season, and in the off-season too, the people something to do right.


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