The Mystery of the Third Planet with a modern twist

"Hold on a course system Medusa!" = "Go to Beavertown, you animal!».

"I can offer talker" = "teach Albanian».

"It skliss it nobody" = dupe.

"Different intelligence and wit" = "the author is cool!».

"Vegetation no, no minerals, no water, populated by robots" = "kg / s».

"It's from the planet tigrokrys Penelope. It feeds on wild bulls »=

"Derrzhatsya no more strength!" = "LOL!».

"Stay! Will mechanical genius of the Planet! "=" Author, Pesci ischo ».

"You'll have to change the grease" = "author, drink yadu».

"Hello, smeeelaya bird!" = "First tries!».

"Well, I asked 400 drops, and then 402!" = "Niasilil».

"I do not like these secrets and mysteries!" = "Atstoy!».

"It was too beautiful here! Expect trouble "=" where do you get this herb? ».

"It will be a purple spotted!" = "Gotichno».

"Right tail is longer!" = "On Th ... give two!».

"The miracle hostile technology" = "great Satan in hell!" Or "kg / s" or "Achtung».

"We are not criminals! We are honest pirates! "=" Drain counted! »

"I knew it would end badly!" = "Kill sibya apstenu».

"You saved me!" = Thanks for the link.

"Daddy, look! There Verkhovtsev doctor! "=" Fsem ftykat ».

"Chicks suffered a new toy" = "this sucks!».

"No Alice, it begs you!" = "Kitty cookie».

"Dad, it's invisible to fish!" = "Images are not gruzyatstso».

"It's called ... ... cake ??" = "under the cut!».

"Barker and ill-mannered style!" - In this sense, and use.

"Then he'll walk on parts" = "Asil tomorrow."


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