Looking novih energy sources

Kentucky - a team of researchers from the Agricultural University, led by Professor Joe Chepela synthesize new compounds that can be quite fully replace oil, coal, oil shale. This may be of fundamental importance for the future energy supply of the Earth. Researchers of the group, specializing mainly in biochemistry and biofoizike, conducting studies that go far beyond the basic scientific principles of the origin of oil and coal.
Although scientists have previously found that oil and coal, have their "roots" in the organisms that lived on the planet more than 500 million years ago, researchers believe that there is only one body that is directly introduced the biggest contribution to education dannyah resources. This alga Botryococcus braunii that for a considerable geological time "turned" into oil, coal and shale deposits.
"Even more exciting is the fact that these unique algae still exists and segodneshny day is the goal of the study dannyah vodarasley sectional energy supply," said Chapel.
These algae grow very slowly, so it's not the best source for biofuels. However, if scientists can capture its genetic "blueprints" for the biosynthesis, the genes can be used to provide the basis for further research.
A team of researchers isolated the necessary elements, characterized by biochemical characteristics necessary for the production of energoressursov. Currently, the production cost of the fuel is high. But temnimenee work done provided the first example of recreating a true direct replacement for oil, coal, oil shale.
"This represents the culmination of the outstanding effort to understand a fundamental process that has direct solution to a real problem. We will create a truly renewable biofuel power "
This study identifies a very remarkable molecular mechanism for the production of hydrocarbons. Thus, we can look into the past and learn how to produce hydrocarbons hundreds of millions of years ago. "


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