Female Autoforum. Excerpts

Someone handed over the rights to six times? What surprises lurk there?

Hood in no way to pick up the nail.

Tell me where you can buy a license? I have, but asked where I bought them, so that to know? Where to send those who are asking? I gave something!

My husband says that women's panties in the glove compartment he needs to wipe the head tsililindrov. Tell me, and I also need to be in the glove compartment or a suitable panties male panties?

Chest is rulezzz! But steer really interfere. And devices are not visible

I leave the garage for two weeks and go backwards. I really want to learn to ride the rehouse and the neck hurts already.

Behind the wheel of the past 2 years and I have never experienced the pleasure of driving. Prompt!

Does anyone know how to stop the engine? Urgent !!!

I want to buy right-hand drive, so that the wheel does not interfere.

Where to download music for bibikalki?

Yesterday, the whole day went to open the hood, and no infection is not suggested!

Girls, we meet tomorrow shtrafstoyanke!

Where in the Land Rover, you can wash your hands?

One thread knows where the gas is supplied to the pedal?

Just in case I go to "hammer". And I say, "a fool" ... No need something?

What does the extended middle finger with nibbling


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