The tallest man in the world

Leonid Stadnik lives in Zhytomyr region, Ukraine. By training he is a veterinarian. Heredity is nothing to do with his parents were not high. Father Leonid Growth 1, 73 meters, and the mother - 1, 52 meters. As a child, Leonid did not differ from their peers: it can not be called high. Leonid Stadnik grew ordinary boy. But in 12 years, doctors have found a guy with a brain tumor. After the operation the child began to grow at a pace that parents Leonid did not have time to buy clothes and shoes, and in high school, Leonid because of its growth felt the excessive attention. Stadnik earlier claimed the title of the tallest man of the world. However, previous attempts were unsuccessful, as he refused to allow the representatives of the "Guinness World Records" to measure yourself.
If you do not stop Leonid growth and will increase by another 15 cm, Leonid beat Robert Pershing Wadlow record, a native of the US state of Illinois - the tallest man in the history of the planet. He died in 1940, and its growth was 2, 72 meters.
For more information about Leonid Stadnik recommend reading the article about him by "RIA Novosti", there can also find a video with footage of Leonid Stadnike.


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