NASA researchers gave the longest river methane on Titan name Neil

Cassini interplanetary research unit found on the surface of Titan, Saturn's moon, methane river length of 400 kilometers, according to the website NASA.
The existence of methane on Titan pools was supposed to 80s of XX century and has been documented during the landing on the moon spacecraft Huygens. However, for the first time on the map of the planet managed to strike the river so long, which, moreover, are practically absent typical of most large terrestrial river twists and turns.

Researchers who studied data from the board Cassini, have suggested that this river, like our Nile flows through a large portion of a geological fault in the planet's crust. The river empties into the mapping of Titan few years ago methane Sea Kraken size close to the Mediterranean. Discoverers of the river Nile has been dubbed her - just as our moon mountain ranges exist, the name of the Alps and the Apennines.

Titan - the only moon in the solar system a planet has an atmosphere with a dense cloud layer and the cycle of liquid on the surface. "Here are falling raindrops, and rivers carry their moisture in the lakes and the sea, where the liquid evaporates and starts the next iteration of the loop," - said Steve Wall of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. However, unlike Earth, Sea Titan do not form a single hydrosphere on the surface of the planet.

Titan in size exceeds our Earth's Moon. Despite a temperature of about -170 degrees Celsius on the surface of the planet, some scientists do not rule out the existence here of any distinctive forms of life. It is noteworthy that the main gas in Titan's atmosphere, as in the Earth's atmosphere is nitrogen, necessary for the existence of animals and plants.

Automatic interplanetary Cassini was launched in the Saturnian system in 1997, and reached it in 2004. At the same time on the surface of Titan landed delivered them research probe Huygens.


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