Scientists have discovered the secret of the Bermuda Triangle

US scientists said they were able to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, which is known, became famous for the fact that there is missing ships, people and airplanes, according to "Mir».
According to the researchers, the cause of the disappearance of aircraft and ships is methane gas, as during the seabed survey found many of methane hydrates (former site of the eruption of underwater volcanoes). Scientists suggest that when released from the ocean cracks the gas is converted into gas bubbles, which are then geometrically expand and explode on the surface of the water.

In its work, the researchers used a computer simulation that showed that if a ship gets into a methane megapuzyr, it immediately loses its buoyancy and sink. In addition, the giant gas bubbles are able to shoot down planes and.

To confirm this theory, the researchers decided to conduct an experiment and built a large tank of water in which the bottom of the tank began to produce large bubbles of methane, and on the surface of the vessel sailed toy boats.

Experience has shown that when the ship is between the middle of the bubble and its outer edge, he was drowning, and when a ship is located far enough from the edge of the bubble, or directly above, it remains safe.

According to the researchers, their work helps explain why in the Bermuda Triangle are ships with a dead crew, but without a scratch: people simply suffocated by poisonous gas, scientists believe.

Also note that at the present time, scientists do not know how it looks methane bubble and he roars, breaking away from the ocean depths and breaking the calm surface of the sea. According to them, any person who will witness this phenomenon, no doubt, will die.


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