Names and nicknames

Samuel Jackson as a child had the nickname "Automatic" because of the strong stuttering
James Earl Carter Jr. was the first president of the United States, which became known as the nickname "Jimmy»
The present name of the artist "50 cent» - Curtis James Jackson III
When Sophia Loren was a girl, she was called «Stechetto», ie "stick" due to its thinness. Cameron Diaz had a nickname «Skeletor»
At school, John F. Kennedy called «Rat Face» because of his skinny physique
Britain's Prince William is often called "wombat»
Spanish dictator Francisco Franco called himself the nickname «El Caudillo», which means "Leader»
Robber Jesse James called the nickname «Dingus», meaning approximately "What's his»
Charlie Tolar, receiving the ball in American football team Houston Oilers, was nicknamed "Man bowling ball."


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