Stylish girl in the Arab world

Continuing the theme begun earlier, in the list of the hottest women in the Arab world there are still a few names on which you want to tell us more.

6. Razan Alazzuni

From early childhood, Razan showed interest in everything that was directly related to the arts. Addiction grew into something more, making it one of the most successful designers of the East. Time set up products that differ creative design, originality and sculptural brim.

Emma Roberts, Kelly Osbourne, Whitney Port and Ashley Tisdale are among those who have already rated the product on time.

Actress Emma Roberts dress Razan Alazzouni

7. Reem Al-Banna

The style of the founder of the brand Reemami dynamically changing under the influence of her sense of self.

My style can be described as experimental. I love things that are perfectly tailored. Elegance and minimalism, purity of form plus the original flashy accessories and trendy products - this is my fashion recipe. As a designer, I just have to follow the fashion trends.

Products from collection Reemami:

8. Samar Youssef

Samar behind a decade of experience in professional journalism and more than 5 years of successful blogging (Une Libanaise a Paris). She considers herself a very creative person with unpretentious taste.

Samar collects necklaces and shoes - in its collection more than 250 pairs, can not imagine my life without feminine clothes from Rabih Kayrouz and music Fairuz, she is ready to listen to for hours on end.

9. Sana Makki

Sana has taken one of the positions in the ranking thanks to her unique style, which she actively demonstrates in his Instagram-profile. A native of Lebanon, Sanaa, moved to Dubai, where he worked in the company's Business Excellence and is about to launch their own fashion line.

Arms and back woman - its main advantages, so I choose a garment that emphasizes the benefit of these parts of the body. And, of course, heels. Without them anywhere.

10. Shima Elsayed

Shima dedicated her life to the field of PR. The company, of which it is a strong player in the market town. Over the years, the girl has formed a pretty good taste. The clothes she prefers elegant style and loves everything beautiful.

I believe that fashion trends are not for everyone, most people tend to wear what their sense of self close, given the particular shape and age. I strive to ensure that the clothing reflects my inner self, and not vice versa.

Shima frequent guest social events where there with friends or colleagues:


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