View from space

Under the auspices of NASA and a number of organizations in the United States have such an interesting project - ┬źNighttime Lights of the World┬╗. It not only publishes pictures of Earth from space night. He is using meteorological records Illumination Night of the Earth's dynamics and, comparing, card puts changes in illumination.
The observations have been conducted since 1993 on the site available data to 2003 inclusive.
What you see below - card DYNAMICS osveschennosti.Kazhdy color has its own point value indicating the change in light intensity. Highlights: Red - night light at this point there was, now there is an active life; Blue - light (life) went from this point. Quite simply, clearly and impartially. Country Blues tochechek. & Quot;

Daily photo - not such an interesting thing, but the night are of particular interest. The fact is that where there is light at night - there are people who comprise it, and the electricity that powers it. In other words - there is life out there watching TV in the evenings mother read stories to children, young men in love in a taxi driven by lovers of girls, and maybe even there the night of Hollywood restaurants. And where there is no light at night - there is no life. Or there - but there is no electricity. Either there is a war and used the blackout. In general, even if life is there - it's not a life.


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