Rorschach (7 pics + text)

This is one of the tests used in the study of personality and its disorders.

1. Look at the Rorschach inkblot
2. Remember the first association
3.Prochti value ...

1. The muzzle a cat or a fox.

This is the most common association. If you see a fox or a cat (that face) - then you are relatively healthy, that is a Rorschach test does not detect abnormalities and do you feel about 85% of people.

2. Butterfly

If you see a butterfly, it may indicate a state of cognitive dissonance light within you. As a rule, see a butterfly impressionable young people under 20 years old, prone to reflection and poverhostnyh depression. The butterfly is a symbol of harmony, which lacks the one who sees it in an inkblot

3. Bat

Bat can see people who are prone to aggression and violence. Andrei Chikatilo to Rorschach seen a bat. May develop sadistic.

4. The animal skins


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