Interesting psychological Rorschach test

This test used by psychologists to study
human personality and its disorders.

1. Look at the Rorschach inkblot
2. Remember the first association
3. Read the ...

1. Muzzle cat or fox.
This is the most common association.
If you see a fox or a cat (which face) - then you are relatively healthy,
ie Rorschach test does not reveal abnormalities, and do you feel about 85% of people.

2. Butterfly
If you see a butterfly, it may indicate a lung condition
cognitive dissonance within you.
As a rule, see a butterfly impressionable young people under 20 years old, prone
to think and poverhostnyh depression.
The butterfly is a symbol of harmony, which is not enough to anyone who sees it to blot

3. Bat
Bat can see people who are prone to aggression and violence.
Andrei Chikatilo to Rorschach saw a bat.
May develop sadistic.

4. The animal skins
Skin "some" of the animal - a bear, tiger, wolf, etc.. - Indicates a very strong and healthy psyche.
As a rule, skins see people who know what they want
and how to achieve this, people with a stable system of values ​​
(Teachers, church ministers, vegetarians, religious
fanatics and just pious people).
Skin beast symbolizes the victory over the wild animals - that is,
victory over his doubts


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