American archaeologists have discovered a new calendar of the Maya

American archaeologists have discovered a new Mayan calendar, which is by far the oldest of all calendars found this ancient civilization. It was created in IX century and, unlike other similar documents, contains no hint of the approaching end of the world, which is believed must come December 21, 2012, British newspaper The Daily Mail.

Ancient calendar was discovered in Guatemala. A group of archaeologists led by William Saturno of Boston University in 2001 carried out excavations Shultuna - one of the largest "dead cities" Maya opened about a hundred years ago. At one of the houses, scientists discovered frescoes of astronomical tables describing the solar and lunar years, as well as long-term cycles of movement of Venus and Mars.

Researchers concluded that at the time of the Maya building was housing the scribe. According to his calculations, the world will continue to exist for at least 7000 years. Previously, scientists possessed Mayan manuscripts, dating from XIV-XV centuries, in which the chronology was interrupted after 21 December 2012 that many interpreted as an indication of the end of the world.

This version has found many supporters. As shown by polls, end of the world this year, waiting for every tenth inhabitant of the planet. The greatest confidence in the Indian prophecy made known Chinese. And Russia is expected at the end of Yom Kippur Mayan calendar scored 13%.


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