I enjoy Bengals?

Bengal breed in recent years has become one of the most popular in the world. Buy a Bengal kitten - the dream of many people, which is not surprising, given the history of its extravagant appearance and beauty of these unusual animals. Bengal cats was the result of deliberate cross-breeding of wild Asian leopard cat (Felis Bengalensis or ALC) with domestic cats.

People familiar with the Bengal mainly hearsay, treat them cautiously and often ask questions like, "and it's like - the owner is not going to eat?" At the same time the owners of Bengal cats often show signs of obsession with their pets, sometimes reaching up to bigotry . This range of opinions is not surprising, it breeds something really unique.
The general idea of ​​the author of this unusual project, the American biologist Jane Mill was that people might stop to encourage the barbaric destruction of a small forest predator if he becomes associated with their pet. In addition, she would like people to be able to finally get the animal, which, being gentle and tame, in many respects resemble a typical inhabitant of the jungle. Usually young resulting from interspecific crosses, completely sterile. However, surprisingly, in this case, the experiment was a success. Males hybrids of the first three generations from the ALC were sterile, but from the females in the further mating with domestic cats managed to get progeny capable of reproduction.

Each purebred Bengal cat carries the genes of its leopard ancestors. Due to this fact the cats Bengal breed has some very unique features, such as love for the games in the water, enchanting plastic movements, the special structure of the head (the so-called "wild" type ") and, of course, fantastically beautiful color.

When I first saw a picture of a Bengal cat, to my delight there was no limit. It seems to me that this breed combines the most beautiful and graceful that you can take from the leopard cat. I just dream that I, too, will Kitten Bengal breed.
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