Under house arrest

Severe mothers in China ... more than 11 years, one holding his son in an iron cage meter and a half.

And all because of fears for the safety of neighbors.

42-year-old prisoner Wu Yuanhong committed murder 13-year-old boy in 2001. But authorities released offender to freedom, as a teenager he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was put under house arrest, but he ran away several times, forcing his mother to put him in a cage.

- After he began to walk around the village and scare the locals, I made the difficult decision to put him in a cage, where it will always be under my care. My son is crazy, but he's still my baby. I cry every time I think about his situation. I bring her son food three times a day, and take care of his other needs. For me as a knife to the heart to see him in a cage, but I know that it will not cause any harm, - told the 74-year-old parent.


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