Protein artist

Protein named Winkelhimer paints a picture. Which then her mistress auctioned for 40 bucks.
A donates the money to charity.

In 2011, Louisiana squirrel got into the clutches of a cat and was crippled.
But its future mistress Sheila Mouton rescued animal.

Protein was crippled and it seemed Schiele, much is going through.
Fruits and nuts dispel depression failed and then for some reason it decided to give small animal brush with paints - even fun. But she treated the game very seriously: she began to drive the brush on the paper and watch the lines gets ...

I believe that the protein expresses its essence through painting. Winkel loves yellow, so her creations are sunny character. Before you start drawing, she loves to chew thoughtfully tip of the brush - jokes mentor chetyrehlapoy "artist".


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