Luxury Green Forest Beauty

New Year - the most cheerful, joyful and hopeful celebration that with great anticipation waiting for both children and adults. Meet its rich table, cheerful songs and, of course, a luxurious green forest beauty, adorned with multi-colored bright toys.

Today, on the eve of the New Year in stores you can find a wide range of different decorations for the Christmas tree, but that was not always so. If, for example, ask about Christmas decorations in older people, many of them still remember those colorful glass beads with Bunny, squirrels or bears, because they were not so much, so they are remembered for a lifetime. < br />

Give older people the memories of childhood, and the younger generation to give the opportunity to experience New Year's toys that were created from the forties - the main task of the Museum "House Christmas decorations" in the Nizhny Novgorod region. In this room, managed to gather a unique collection of exclusive Christmas decorations that can tell in detail about the history of the country.

The museum was opened on the basis of the factory "Ariel", which, incidentally, the only one in the city is engaged in manufacturing glass Christmas toys.

Production of Christmas toys in Nizhny Novgorod was launched in 1936, and only a couple of years during World War II was forced to suspend.

Today, visitors to the museum include a rich exposition can see Christmas balls, which depict various cities and monasteries. There are such toys, the issue of which was dedicated to a specific event, such as the anniversary of the Moscow subway, or on his seventieth many favorite fairy tale "The Little Prince».

Probably, "House Christmas decorations" - one of the few places that causes the same interest in both children and adults. Proof of this is the fact that the museum is always possible to meet a lot of curiosity among which people of different age categories.


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