Snow sculptures of nature

In the pictures of the young photographer Niccolo Bonfandini can see amazingly beautiful snow sculptures, the author of which nature itself. Whimsically curved, of various shapes and sizes sculptures met photographer in the Arctic. Immediately not even guess that these creations of nature nothing but trees under snow cover.

1. Niccolo Bonfandini Italian. He now lives in Monza. Since childhood, he was able to see the beauty in the paintings of nature, but to capture them became quite recently. Only after it became possible to travel the world.

2. Niccolo admire most pristine picture of nature, a place where there is no trace of human activity. Only the love of wildlife and photos make him go in malokomfortnye for human habitation. There, where the climate is very harsh and dangerous. Relatively recently, a young photographer, took part in the project «Wildvisions Nature Photography» and visited the Arctic.

3. The images collected in this post have turned out quite by accident. Early chime, admiring the sunrise from the top of the hill, Bonfandini drew attention to two snow-covered trees that are near his tent. They reminded the photographer detained in the post, which is guarded by the Arctic from the invasion of enemies. Bonfandini picture and called "Guardians of the Arctic." Although someone trees in the pictures are more like fragments of rocks or clouds.

4. To create an Italian landscape photos usually uses medium format analog camera, DNLR camera Canon and stepped neutral filters for lenses. Thanks filters manage emphasize more detail in bright areas.

5. In the snowy wilderness of the Finnish National Park Riisitunturi man spent nine days. These days the temperature reaches forty degrees Celsius. Of these only two are suitable for recording. During the trip, the brave photographer met only three people. They took it a small sled for transportation equipment.


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