Opening, saving people from disability

Discoveries in the field of microbiology, particularly virology, saved many lives and will serve not only the recovery from the terrible disease, but also their complete elimination.
Before the Second World War in Western Europe, and especially in America, epidemic infantile paralysis (polio) was one of the most terrible diseases. After the war, Germany is also spread to the east, particularly in the USSR. The disease, which makes children with disabilities, spread throughout the world.

Only in 1955 was made possible an effective fight against this disease, thanks to the greatest discovery: physician Jonas Salk (Pittsburgh, USA) has been developed safety vaccinated against polio, but it has some drawbacks, for example, the short duration of action and the need for repeated (3-4 hours) injection in the infected organism. Undoubtedly, the Salk vaccination required improvements.

Back in the 30s a young doctor Albert B. Sabin was able to make an important discovery. He discovered the cause infantile paralysis virus and established the scope of their reproduction - the human intestine. But only after the war Sabin could come to grips with the problem of this terrible disease. Sabin has set itself the goal of creating a method of vaccination.

From research scientist managed to grow in the laboratory three types of polio virus, but they caused paralysis and needed a strain, do not let paralysis. By weakening the ability of viruses pathogenic formalin Sabin finally got the desired strain that causes the disease, but did not lead to paralysis. Subsequently, Sabin was able to make a discovery material for vaccination, by which mankind could win infantile paralysis.

Benefits Sabin vaccines were huge: security, long-term effect, resistance to any kind of polio. In addition, the drug is injected into the body through the mouth. But pharmaceutical companies have already suffered the west cost of creating production Salk vaccination and were in no hurry to invest dollars in new drug.

The first large-scale use of Sabin vaccination was carried out in the USSR, where he became increasingly recorded cases of infantile paralysis. Only after successful application in this country since 1959, Sabin vaccines received worldwide distribution. Thus, thanks to the discovery of humanity Sabin get rid of this terrible disease as infantile paralysis.


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