North Korean artists have come under censorship

being held in Brisbane 6th Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art was in the center of a political scandal. The government has banned North Korean artists to exhibit works. A five artists from the Mansudae Art Studio at the last minute canceled the visa. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Australia, Stephen Smith, the artists under the guise of art tried to drag to the green continent blatant propaganda "praising and supporting the North Korean regime." The authorities believe that if you allow this behavior, it "gives the wrong signal to the North Korean regime." Art public authorities' decision appeared crestfallen. Queensland Art Gallery Director Tony Ellwood believes that the government could make a small exception, and the dialogue between representatives of the arts has contributed to a better understanding between the two countries. However, the authorities were steadily. So it is not only in the Russian contemporary art is a strong irritant for the government officials. Although there did not enjoy anything.


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