Citroën for the Dakar Rally 2020

more people got used that in the yard in 2010, as designers hurrying to look for another 10 years. Hyangga Chu Kwong introduced the concept of the SUV under the French brand Citroën for the Paris-Dakar Rally in 2020. By that time, according to the author of the concept, the technology in the extreme the marathon will not yield to what is now used in the race, "Formula 1". Machines that time should be "flexible": the driver is in a special elastic capsule that protects from possible injuries in case of a rollover, the special design of the rear of put it back on its wheels. Wheel cars themselves consist of separate sections and in case of damage of one of them, there is no need to change all the whole wheel. Justified or not the expectations of the designer - learn exactly decade.


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