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Last revision wallets local celebrities spent magazine Forbes, has shown that the position of leader of the rating Maria Sharapova look firmly. For six years she headed the list of the richest Russian celebrities. However, with Russian superstar of world tennis only nominally connected: her home, she said the United States, but with the adoption of US citizenship is in no hurry. Its revenues last year were $ 25 million. By the way, the American edition of the magazine has estimated revenues tennis $ 3 million more modest. In any case, it is twice higher than that of its nearest rival hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, earned $ 12 million. Closes the three leaders of the Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva. Her condition magazine estimated at $ 4, 5 million. The main newcomer Peter rankings became available. Musician, previously known to the public only on the YouTube video with the song Guitar, this year performed at the "Eurovision", thus earned $ 900,000.


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