By plane, by boat is difficult to surprise. The first such hybrid appeared exactly a century ago, in 1910, French aviator Henri Fabre conducted successful tests of seaplane Le Canard («Duck"). But that offers his compatriot Ёlken Okturi (Yelken Octuri), is striking. He will propose to "cross" the airplane and sailboat. The aircraft is equipped with four-masted trimaran with rigid sails are folded turn into wings. It is said Okturi, the inspiration for the design of a flying boat to boat, he drew the famous Maltese Falcon. Hydroplane Okturi designed commissioned princes Aziz Daoud and Hashim, directors air transport campaign from Oman «Masqat Airways». It has two main decks. On the bottom are located the main cabin, kitchen, toilet and pantry. On the top - three cabins and a bathroom.


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