Perini Navi is going to push the Maltese Falcon

Italian shipyard Perini Navi intends to build a sailing yacht that could overshadow the famous Maltese Falcon. "The Maltese Falcon", 88-meter sailboat, is by far the biggest and most expensive. Length of project C.2157, over which runs the shipyard, will be 102 meters. Visibly clear stylistic similarities between the Maltese Falcon and C.2157. Project Perini Navi will be equipped with an improved version of the revolutionary sailing system automatically DynaRig. Thanks to her sailboat can make a real competition engine vessels. The maximum speed, which can accelerate to 102 meters in length, will be 19, 5 knots. Perini Navi does not reveal who ordered the vessel. It is safe to assume that this is one of the famous "Forbes" - and who else can afford to spend on a yacht more than 100 million euros. On the "internal" vessel has not reported. It is obvious that the interiors of all five decks will be issued at the highest level, not worse, than a "Maltese Falcon". The larger size will allow the project Perini Navi take more guests. Cabin sailboat competitor designed for 12 people, not counting the luxurious cabin of the shipowner.


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