Hunting in Arabic with gold and diamonds

In Abu Dhabi, the international exhibition of hunting equipment (Adihex), which opened today, one can admire, should look like hunting in the representation of Arab sheiks. Even in the wild Arabs prefer to hang yourself from head to toe in gold and diamonds. Thus, the Italian jewelry house Tiroler Goldschmied presented a unique falcon hoods, studded with precious stones. Each bird headdress is one of a kind, so vain sheikhs can not worry about that hunting in the desert they meet someone with the same equipment. So far sold only one cap, but the seller is hoping that the product will be in demand. The price of this piece of equipment is between € 5 000 and € 40 000. And in order to deliver a precious falcon to the hunting, oil sheiks offered as a vehicle desert buggies, trimmed in gold. The choice of wealthy Arabs proposed two modifications: Royal Beast and Golden Edition Beast. Machines equipped with doors opened remotely, such as the famous "scissors» Lamborghini. Salon trimmed with ostrich leather and equipped with the most feature-rich electronics - plasma TVs, an 8-channel audio system, etc. The price of this miracle hunting techniques are not reported anything.


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