Bernie Ecclestone wrapped robbery in their favor

Last month the chief of "Formula 1" Bernie Ecclestone and Fabiana Flosi his companion was the victim of robbers. Four robbers beat Ecclestone, who, for a moment, for 80 years, took away money and valuables, among which were Hublot watches worth $ 20 000. An unpleasant incident enterprising boss "royal races" wrapped in his favor: his bruised face appeared in advertising Swiss watches. Text on the poster reads: "Look, what people go for the Hublot» (click image to enlarge). This slogan colorfully illustrated picture of Bernie Ecclestone made a few hours after the attack, with a huge black eye black eye and a swollen lip. How Hublot paid for the advertising campaign is not reported, but, certainly, the amount of the contract far exceeds the losses. Moreover, the London police has yet not been able to find the attackers. The address of the chief of "Formula 1" accusations that it too lightly refers to banditry. However, according to Ecclestone himself, his swing, he just showed that he was not intimidated. Swiss watchmakers to avoid such accusations in his address, do not forget to do the poster small print postscript: «Hublot condemns all forms of violence and racism."


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