"Fire and reckless"

star of "The Devil Wears Prada┬╗ Emily Blunt was chosen as the face of the legendary fragrance Yves Saint Laurent Opium. Celebrities in advertising perfume - business as usual. But Blunt advertising contract is the first in her career. And once she trusted so popular flavor. The campaign's president YSL Renaud de Lesquin, we will see "the fiery, reckless woman seductively attractive, the charms of which no one can resist." Word on the lips of recklessness de Lekena sounds kind of like a warning. Advertising campaigns perfume Opium repeatedly come under fire from officials. So, in 2000 the British Board of Advertising (ASA) has banned the billboards with a naked Sophie Dahl. And last year, the bureaucrats from the same institution in a hidden YSL suspected drug propaganda. Let's see whether the authorities like "fire and reckless" Emily Blunt. Fragrance Yves Saint Laurent Opium was created by perfumer Jean-Louis Syuzakom in 1977. Packing classic perfume was osovremena most famous designer Pierre Dinant bottles, but the flavor remains unchanged since the 70s. Opium offers hints of yellow mandarin, bergamot, lily of the valley, at the heart felt jasmine, clove and myrrh, and the final chord act vanilla, patchouli, myrrh and sweet ginger.


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