Tom Ford selected personal tailor James Bond

Tom Ford on the seventh heaven: it is he will put the actor Daniel Craig, who will play James Bond in the next part of the epic with the working title «Skyfall» («The Fall from Heaven"). Yield 23-series "James Bond" is scheduled for 2012. Ford got the opportunity not only to dress 007, but his girls. In the new tape girlfriends at British agent will be two - Berenice Marlowe and Naomi Harris (pictured). Tom Ford is not the first time to deal with the image of a secret agent. Fashion cared for perfect image of James Bond in "Quantum of Solace", the last part of the saga. According to the designer, the fictional spy Her Majesty - the perfect representative for his label clothing. "I have no greater joy than to have a new opportunity to dress Daniel Craig - Ford exults. - James Bond reflects the masculine style of the brand Tom Ford: elegance, style and a taste for luxury. I am very heartened that once again I have the honor to work on his image. " Each costume for Craig poshyut to individual measures in Italy. Complement the image 007 accessories and sunglasses Tom Ford.


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