Maldives - beauty and eternal happiness

Maldives - an incredibly beautiful island nation located 700 kilometers from Sri Lanka in the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean. As part of Maldivian islands group listed the order of 1 200 units, of which only 202 are inhabited by people. Scientists claim that the first people on these fabulous islands were more than 5 000 years ago. Today, the Maldives is a world famous tourist mecca. Any resort in Maldives in its own beautiful and unique. Maldives is uniquely magical corner of the Earth, which is perishable buried in azure waters and golden sands.

Maldives is a place where you can escape from civilization and problems, then you can enjoy exotic pristine nature and vast expanses of the ocean. Maldivian archipelago literally ringed by coral caves. If you love the underwater world and scuba diving, this place is yours. All the islands are endowed with unique and pristine beauty created marvelous scenery with tropical vegetation. Banana and coconut groves of palm trees are always happy wanderer hide and gave him a welcome coolness.

Landscapes of the islands affect their colors, but especially in the eyes of the tourist eats all sorts of shades of blue and blue.

Walking on these islands was incredibly serious development, literally every year the number of admirers of exotic nature of the Maldives increases. As for the level of service in the resorts of the Maldives, it is at the highest level. Plenty of cozy hotels are always ready to welcome the next tourist class service and smiling staff. Do not leave anyone indifferent local cuisine, including an array of national and truly exotic dishes. If you are among the conservatives here your requests are always ready to meet a traditional restaurant.

It is believed that the rest of the Maldives is aimed at those who love days lie under the caressing rays of the sun caressing peacefully rest, not in a hurry, completely plunged into the atmosphere of relaxation of this incredibly beautiful corner. Solitude, silence romance and tranquility in the Maldives literally settled in the air, they make each of its guests to immerse themselves in a state of euphoria and happiness.

Relaxing stay with white beach areas, blue, turquoise and blue tones water can optionally be combined with something else more active. Maldives - a real feast for the soul and, of course, for the body absolutely everyone. Once on any Maldivian island, you get a lot of new discoveries and extraordinary experiences.

Many islands of this archipelago wanderer can go across the entire 10 minutes. The length of the largest Maldives is 8 kilometers away. Despite the fact that most of the islands have a length of less than 1 second mile, their inhabitants do not feel somewhat limited, and the secret lies in the fact that everything here merges - white beaches, blue skies and crystal clear waters, is created as a result of the impression of openness and infinity.

Maldives feature is that the island is constantly changing both externally and quantitatively, one split, join others on the contrary, the third appear on the coral reefs. That says that every tourist who visited the Maldives, an island can detect, which is not marked on the map and have never seen the man, is not that amazing?

Maldives - one of the most beautiful places on the planet!


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