The shortest meditation in the world!

Start practicing a very simple method, at least 6 times a day. Every time it needs only half a minute, so it will be three minutes a day. This is a short meditation in the world! But you have to do it all at once - this is its essence.

Walking down the street - you suddenly remember. Stop, stop completely, no movement. Be present for half a minute. Whatever the situation, stop completely, and just be a witness to what is happening. Then start moving again. 6 times per day. You can do more, but no less - you are more open. This should be done all at once !!!

If you suddenly become present, all the energy changes. Sequence occurring in the mind stops. And it happens so suddenly that the mind can not immediately create a new idea. It takes time, the mind is stupid.

Anywhere, as soon as you remember - Shake whole being and stop.


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