This practice allows you to:

1. heal any organ and any part of the body, even if it starts to collapse under the action of cancer or other similar diseases.
2. Restore the missing part of any organ, such as lost in an accident, or under the surgeon's knife.
3. Do any body, any part of any function of the body more advanced evolutionarily.
4. Change the structure, shape, and color of any part of the body as you think suits you best.
5. Complete rejuvenation of your body and all its functions.

It often happens that once a person begins to attend medical facilities, then after a while they become "resident." You can come back with some kind of "stuff", but so far he is in the hospital, he would be "treated" invisible rays disease from other patients. What is happening? Information is transmitted, which decides what to be and how to be. Since ordinary people all worked on an "as something", the mute consciousness of the true process control information matrix of His Body, the coming into force the laws "somewhere so will bring." An intelligent person - a person, he constructs his body, he was his master. And only he decides. What to be and what not to be in it. Disease - this is an extreme degree of ignorance of man. Light, or astral, genetics - is the highest understanding of the reasons why everything is built and works in the body. You've probably heard about how some saints just a short period of time is quite healed the sick people. As they say - worked wonders. But it's not magic. This is - knowledge, and most importantly, ability to use it. And this knowledge - this change of information sore spot.

Description of practice
1. Imagine that you are in space blue or purple. Away shines light white or transparent color (plain below the "Source"). Think of it as bright as you can. Think of him as the one who can do everything, the Almighty light of who implements all the desires, giving them strength, etc. Rays emanate from it in all directions, and mostly good feelings bundle of rays coming in your direction. Think about this dazzling point in space about a minute or more (optional).
2. If you have a bad visualization, it will be important to practice ITEM number 1 for several days, before proceeding to the following paragraphs.
3. Next, imagine ourselves at a distance of approximately 3 meters transparent shape blue colors. That figure - yourself, but not just you, and you are in the ideal (perfect). Ie This figure is all on a limit to perfection. In this figure in perfect health, all the organs of the system and full and healthy functioning perfectly, the brain is working at 100%, etc. This immaculate ideal of perfection in everything - in the spirit and energy development.
4. Imagine how bright the light passes through the transparent this blue shape (that is, you perfectly) and goes to you, full of information. This bright light passing through your perfect image, becomes the carrier of information. And it also goes through you (the physical body and all energy bodies), bringing in your physical body and energy bodies in this information with your Ideal.
5. Represent the figure in front of him should always back to you, ie Her left hand should be in front of your left hand, right foot - in front of your right foot. Ie it is not a mirror image.
6. During practice can occur in different ways to transfer information from the blue to transparent image. YOU. Perhaps is a kind of haze, stretching from the figures to you and then passes through you. Or some more full-bodied, dense light that seem to be stenciled in progress from the figure to. YOU ETC. And this all individually IT can help you better feel the saturation of information, you will source light.
7. In other words, the information being transmitted. Recording media - source light.
8. This is the total work on this technique. But you can work locally. For example, there is the case of the diseased liver. You also represent a figure in front of the blue colors, but it concentrate on the image of the liver. This is something like a hologram - internal organs are transparent, and you see them through (as in x-ray). You concentrate on the liver, making it more bright saturated, highlight it. And then everything is the same - bright light source passes through the perfectly and completely healthy liver your perfect image, and the light, rich in information, go to you. All cells of the liver and reprogram activated on the development of a new one. They will not share program illness, and program your ideal liver, ie, Development programs will be completely replaced. It's as if you have in mind there were two buttons "sick liver" and "Perfect liver." And you just turn on the "ideal liver."
9. Example liver fits everything. Want to cure vision - reprogram cells in the eye for the program your perfect "I".
10. Similarly proceed if some body parts do not. For example, had an operation on the liver and removed part of it. Also do everything as described in paragraph № 7. receives light from the information from the source, taking it to their inferior bodies, and include a program on its biological recovery. Nothing, except that writing in paragraph number 7, do not need to - the information itself will do everything - from a body double will go into your body on the physical plane start mode and shape recovery.
11. The Government may recover completely or partially, depending on your quality of practice. No You may also work locally with thinner structures. For example, DNA and nervous system. And also with the chakras and spiritual power cord. Here about all the same. As in step number 7, but now you need to provide in its inverse image of chakras (if you are working with one particular chakra - that it can be, for example, as a simple ball of the corresponding color in the appropriate place), the brain, the DNA in the form of a huge number of bright points in all cells of the body, ETC. You can work with everything what you want. There are no limits! The very idea is not so important. EVERYONE can be in their own way. The main thing - your concentration to the desired location of his twin. In other words, do not you now have to go and learn how to look like the liver, kidneys and lungs. Enough to imagine as you know - about. The construction will be carried out not as you imagine, and according to the information from your source. Therefore worry not about that.
12. Hours - individually. But preferably every day for 5 minutes to engage in any No Can a pose in any position. No Can bedtime lying on her side in bed AND THIS conduct practice before sleep.
With this practice, you can work with your complete rejuvenation. With the development of clairvoyance, mind reading. All this has a material in your pre-image, in perfect matrix that contains Cebu All yours and excellence in all of which are in perfect condition at the information level, which controls everything. Work with others
Now the most interesting thing this practice can be used not only for themselves but also for other people.
1. It is possible to treat a person by direct contact or remotely (without the personal presence, at any distance). By direct contact become the side of the patient and placed on the hand or head of the person (7 chakra - a universal method suitable for any occasion), or on the problem area. Next, imagine around you space or blue violet. On your left - the light source. Between the source and the person at a distance of about 3 meters from him - his clear blue perfectly healthy way. Light passes through this absolute Healthy (or else you concentrate on any particular organ), saturated with information and passes through actual physical body of man. Need to submit exactly as I wrote, that You stand on the side of this process, the light does not go on you. Source on the left, the prototype of the left, the person in front of you, your hand on the top or on a different area of ​​the body. No Can the source and prototype of place and right. But in any case, you stand on the sidelines and everything you see on the TV screen, ie You - an outside observer. Remotely conduct healing just as well. Just imagine how you place the man before him.
2. The process is fairly simple. For example, you are working remotely with a person who always sees nothing. Suppose your eyes are, but there are congenital abnormalities in the structure of the eyeball. On the one hand there should be a treatment of the eye and while the same building new elements Eye. You also have to think about all of this is not necessary - you just need to focus on the sources, on the inverse image on the man himself. That's all. Information (energy) will do the rest myself. Information does not know the word "disease", it just makes such a body, that he IS in the inverse, ie, making it ideal.
1. It is important to remember that the perfect image in front of you is not blocking the astral light, just like a glass in his way. OR # Here is an example: in front of you is saturated gauze any scent (soaked in aromatic oils), the wind is blowing in your direction, passes through the gauze and to bring you The scent. Fragrance - this information.
2. If you do not know where the problem, work with the problem areas. The same applies to problems such as acute respiratory infections, insomnia, chronic fatigue - they do not have a specific place, so you need to work with the entire way, but keep in mind of the problem.
3. I am writing in the practice of "light passes through you" or "light passes through a diseased organ," but one can imagine that light, rich information, such as a healthy liver, part of your liver. So too would be the best.
Godwits S.


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