Modern Pharmacy Service

How much time and money we spend searching for the right products? Even without the official statistics the answer is unlikely to sound reassuring. Federal Internet service helps simplify daily worries about the health of thousands of people in Russia. Already, the project connected more than 5,000 pharmacies, and their number is constantly growing. A wide range (more than 10 000 positions) allows you to find any of the products for health , whether it be medicine, baby food, hygiene products and medical devices. With service you can order a drug at a convenient time for you and take it to the nearest point of issue.

Recently, the portal has experienced a number of positive changes. The creators of the project have studied the suggestions and recommendations of users and have tried to consider all proposals for the "reset" of the site.

Comfortable updated headings allows you to find the right drug for the disease or system that needs help. To do this you need to move the cursor to the line "Products" section and select the menu: "Drugs," "Mother and baby", "vitamins", "Diet, sports, food" and others. In order to further simplify the search, each heading is divided into sub-items, for example, "Medications" you will find the topics: "Antibacterials", "Bad Habits", "Cardiovascular System", "Dentistry", etc. .

Home page rendered the most popular tools and popular topics. So, one of the articles devoted to the rules of conduct in the cold, here are recommendations on how to avoid frostbite. Women are interested in professional advice on the selection of cosmetics for skin care in winter. When going to the section "Read" you can find a lot of other interesting and useful articles on various aspects of health and beauty.

Enhanced search lets you find products not only by their name, but also on the current component or the manufacturer. Each preparation description is provided, which specifies the total action, the active ingredient, etc. If any vehicle mentioned in the article, you can just go to the "card" of the goods in the catalog or to order. All the search features are described in detail in a special section "Search».

Make a purchase through the portal is very simple. Once you have sent in the necessary preparation and cart passed simple registration procedure, you are invited to choose the most convenient point of receipt, namely, nearest to your home or office pharmacy.

Modern Pharmacy Service Agree, very convenient? You do not have to drive around the city in search of the right product, to stand in queues just to learn about the availability and cost of an agent. You can make an order while sitting in a comfortable chair at home or during your lunch break at work. The time saved idengi better spent on the care of relatives or their own health. When your product is assigned to you in the pharmacy, the pharmacist will contact you for contact numbers and abandoned invite for purchase.

This service allows you to save time and money on finding the right drug, but not on your health. All products are certified, equipped with instructions for use and is released only in pharmacies (drug delivery home is prohibited). Low prices are established through direct shipments.

Check out all the advantages of "smart" pharmacy you can do - anytime, anywhere!



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