14 ideas by 14 February

Soon, very soon, he will come, "Valentine". Chew-chew but still - every time you want something straight from the tin invent. And treat nicely and beautifully decorated rooms.

Therefore, personally for you fresh ideas, cute and sweet. Quite simply, beauty - is in the details.

1. Sugar glasses. A little bit of sugar mixed with sugar sprinkles, the edges of glasses grease honey or plain water and sprinkle. How many will remain, so many good.

2. Reel of thread. How do they hold? Well, both profits and hold. But seriously, then glued.

3. Packaging of gifts. Take usual wrapping paper and jute, today these things you can buy at any hardware store and office. Postcards from the striped paper, which is also for sale in the office. Done.

4. pechenyushki, pretzels and sweets. Ready-made kits are sold almost in every mall. Some contain layers ready for baking, can only decorate.

5. Congratulate friends easy. Buy satin fabric ribbon, the zipper and sew the bag-heart. Cute, simple.

6. The beads, as the posters of design companies, the eternal symbol of the triumph. and do not cheat! And there is. Invariably childish joy!

7. Manual work. Fashionable and it is always a price. Cut pieces of ordinary wallpaper, decorate with dry twigs, ribbons, beads, lace, paint. Master-classes - millions. With friends will be more fun. In addition, as stated in the Vedas, the joint work of highly feminine pumps up the feminine energy.

8. Just buy clothes with print in the form of hearts. And fines, and no non-binding, and creates a romantic mood.

9. Print the hearts and hung on the wall. Just as well as a great look!

10. And then on the wall of the usual chocolate candies in the form of hearts. The perfect surprise for my daughter for February 14, and indeed on any other holiday.

11. And the ceiling can be attached hearts too! Unusual and fresh!

12. Cut out the figures of the dense fabric and sew a soft pillow-Dumka large stitches. Then sporete joints and remove applications.

13. Wall vase in the form of hearts. These little things can be found in the assortment.

14. The idea of ​​the embroidery frame is not new! Always a winner! Just try it.


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