HotRod of Moskvich-401

A resident of Irkutsk have gathered from the rare Moskvich-401, 1954 model year, the hot-rod! Implementation of the project 2011-2013 year.

Was purchased in 2006 by a similar idea. experience, time and resources allowed to take seriously this project only in autumn 2010. The idea of ​​creating a classic American-style hot rod.
Moskvich 401 54 onwards chop (understatement) of the roof by 5 cm., reducing cab body 30 cm., alteration in the compartment, the door opens upstream movement, lengthening base engine Chevy Small Block V8 5.7 liter Chevy PPC TCI reinforced, the front and rear axle beam from 2-ton Japanese truck, on springs, manufacturing chassis, new "spar" and fiberglass cockpit-style 401-th for native Muscovite body much rotten. in the future we plan to carry out an iron box on the layout








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