Lanvin Fall-Winter 2013-2014

For the 11th year Alber Elbaz makes such a beautiful collection that it is almost impossible to find fault. He is, perhaps, no one else in the modern fashion, knows how to make clothes that adorn women. And for that, they faithfully love Elbaz. This beauty at some point even begins to seem monotonous - collections can be a little better or a little worse, but nothing disastrous, as nothing unexpected, seemingly not wait. And then Alber Elbaz, apparently, finally bored of his own integrity, takes and throws some trick. As an example, this time.

Lanvin collection autumn-winter 2013/14 has turned completely crazy. There was confusion all - classic outfits ladylike, hip Khoperskaya chain with pendants love, happy, help, and hot, roses, butterflies and other insects, transparent lace and fur style cocottes and severe black leather. Elbazovsky elegant glamor this time looked as if it was passed through a meat grinder, and then whipped in a blender.

By minimalist black suit randomly stuck on white rose chiffon, over beige corset imposed pleated skirt of thick satin - like in the studio in a hurry confused details different outfits. Apotheosis is reached near the end, when on the podium appeared silk pantsuit with a print as large dung beetles.

But, of course, all this fun Sabbath was laid out and carefully built: fuchsia dress style new look with huge black roses balanced by classic men's shoes with laces, fur boa for follow simple sheath skin color without any decoration, but for belted jacket commissar leather aqua - dress, on which sat like a swarm of butterflies.

The main trend of the season, masculinity, manifested in an unprecedented Elbaz for his number of male members: in addition to the already mentioned shoes were indispensable in this season as a wide coat with someone else's shoulder, straight jackets, formal trousers with pleats at the waist. But along with the princess dresses kooky it all worked perfectly.

And, of course, jewelry - she at Lanvin always memorable, but this time especially. One can only imagine how often fall we'll see these chains with love and hot, these belts with heavy buckles, which is lined with rhinestones help, especially brooches in the form of huge flies - a mad dream entomologist. And yet the crown, as if cut from the foil.


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