1) chose his words carefully. Developers "American Heritage Dictionary" most "smart" sounding words called "impersonation", "cheat", "herd", "panacea" and "careless» (epitome, finagle, gregarious, panacea and perfunctory).

2) It's not just the words themselves, but also in how you pronounce them. Director of the College public speech Roneyn Michael said: "Clean, smooth voice - a sign of confidence."

3) If you have problems described in the preceding paragraph, try to speak faster. "The sooner a person speaks, the more clever it appears to the public", - says psychotherapist Tom Barber.

4) Try to make a good first impression. Personal adviser Dan O'Neill said: "People determine the degree of your mind in your appearance."

5) Take care of your appearance. "Attractive people are generally more and more popular and smart," - says Dr. Liam Barker. "Psychologists call it the halo effect or halo effect."

6) Pay attention to your teeth. According to recent studies, people who have undergone cosmetic dental treatment, are considered to be more successful and intelligent. "It has increased the number of clients, please contact us before the interview," - says James Russell of The London Smile Clinic.

7) Learn to listen. "Emotional sensitivity is just as important as IQ», - said personal adviser Jude Jennison. "Listen and ask open-ended questions - how, what and when."

8) Train your memory. "A lot of what is considered the mind - it's just the ability to remember," - says dating coach David Uigant.

9) Appreciate not only beauty, but also the mind. When you ask a woman what you like, call Nigella Lawson and Helen Miller, along with the more obvious Megan Fox and Eva Green.

10) Ask for help. "Ask someone to show you how to do something. So you can learn something, "- says Professor Hubert Robert Hampson, Royal Holloway University of London.

11) Wear purple. "Purple - the color, suggesting the presence of mind. Mix it with gray, it is a strong masculine color - to emphasize your confidence and deep knowledge, "- says an expert on color therapy Julianne Bien.

12) Wear glasses. A study conducted by the University of Melbourne study confirmed the relationship of mind and myopia.

13) Breathe deeply. To look more confident, you need to "take deep breaths so that the brain was saturated with oxygen," - offers an expert on body language Peta Fletcher.

14) Be sure. "People love confident, because they look like the ones on whom you can rely on," - says researcher behavior Leah Butler-Smith.

15) Correct posture. Most of our communication is based on body language. "If you slouch, people may think that you are lazy, shy or stupid," - says the personal adviser Rebeca fence.

16) Expand your horizons. "The concept of mind implies open look," - says Dr. Keith Fränkische of the Open University. "Do not listen only to those with whom you disagree, read a variety of literature and choose the books that you would not have chosen».

17) speaks of himself in the third person. "People do not realize the effect that this is" - says comedian Mike Birbilya. "It makes everything you say, in fact."

18) said that you're smart. "If you say that you are smart about you and will think. This is called compiling opinion of himself, "- says psychologist Rose Agdami.

19) Do not fight with gray hair. Everyone knows that gray hair is equal to the mind, so do not paint over it.

20) Stop swearing. Psychologist Robert Gallyutsio Richardson says: "People are talking, strong flavored catchwords, less important."


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