Karma - an endless sculpture (7 photos)

In New Orleans, Louisiana, is a park of Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden, which is rich in numerous sculptures.
But I want to highlight the work of the Korean sculptor Du Hu Ca (Do Ho Suh) called "Karma».
Its height of 7 meters, but due to the unusual shape of the viewer the impression that it is infinite.
The sculpture is composed of 98 human figures made of stainless steel.

"Karma" - the name of the installation of the Korean sculptor Du Hu Ca (Do Ho Suh). The installation is a sculpture of a large number of men sitting on each other's shoulders, while covering each other's eyes with his hands. It looks like the stairs, stretching into the sky. When a sculpture question arises: "Why?»

Before Ho Su has repeatedly attracted attention with its ambiguous and controversial works. He believes that the use of the installation in the figure of a man is always the thought-provoking. Perhaps the artist wanted to say that people blindly follow each other, or their predecessors, anything is fundamentally changing.


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