Civil aviation pilots have an excellent sense of humor.

Civil aviation pilots have an excellent sense of humor. Once again verify this, you can read this post. For the crew of an airliner long flights at least tedious than for passengers. However, if the people in the cabin can read a newspaper or a peaceful nap, pilots have to find their own ways to pass the time - for example, a little joke and scare everyone in the plane.

What do you think, what do pilots when, during a transatlantic flight they have gone away into the toilet? Do they include the autopilot? The pilot of Scotland was more resourceful: he came out of the cabin, holding the ends of a long rope and solemnly handed them a couple of passengers in the first row, asking until he defecate, to control the plane. When he returned, he took "control" in their hands, and then suddenly dropped the rope pretty scaring others.

Before you take the helm of the passenger liner, the pilots have a lot to learn. What must people think of when the aircraft is going to run one of the easiest passengers from the last row? The captain of a certain British airline loved before flight take one of the empty seats in the cabin. After a while he starts complaining that the plane does not take off, and loudly declared that he would take place at the controls when the pilots finally start to act. Then he got up, heading into the cockpit, the door slammed shut behind him, and the plane began to move.

One of the nightmares, constantly pursuing aerophobia - burning plane. But do not worry ahead of time! Perhaps trickle whitish no smelling of smoke - it's just a joke "witty" pilot. For example, a pilot was fired for what he stole stewardesses dry ice, put it in one of the drawers in the closet, and as soon as the ice went pairs, very reminiscent of the smoke, jumped out of the booth, shouting, "Damn! We burn! ».

The peak of various drawings carriers have to, of course, on April Fool's Day - April 1st. One of the funniest news reported once a Canadian airline. She announced the start of sales of beds economy class. It is expected that they will be located in the luggage compartment of the chairs. For authenticity message escorted photograph shows how it will look.

You assume that everyone who will be around you in the cabin, are bound to be people? And if you take a seat next to a huge great apes? It was so fond of a joke pilot of American Airlines, he dressed in a gorilla suit is very believable. "Intelligent animal" absolutely independently, without the trainer went to land, shocking the other passengers, as if nothing had happened and took a seat wear seat belts, and then suddenly rising from their seats and go to the cockpit.

The pilots have access to hands-free, they can do all these ads and often abused. They like to have fun to the fullest, releasing various comments before, during and after the flight. For example, passengers can report: "Please turn off the cell phones, computers, video games and any other devices that may interfere with the operation of the pacemaker captain of the aircraft!" And one of the Indian pilots decided to make a joke anyway and during the flight from Delhi to Mumbai on a normal height included emergency alert system "closer to the ground." Then he justified, he wanted only to train the crew - work in extreme situations.

Another classic prank - to convince the passengers that the pilot can not see anything. Therefore, some pilots wits wear dark glasses, take a hand wand and depict the Blind, ostentatiously passing through the cabin before take-off to the cabin, haltingly, bumping into chairs and people. But do not worry: the main thing that had good vision navigator (unless, of course, it has not been fired because he threw the dry ice in the toilet).

Flight attendants sometimes also love to pull passengers nerves. When the girls get bored, they can play in front of the astonished audience a show. In large ships during takeoff and landing, they are required to take a special person to all seats, sitting in the cabin. What should consider flying in an airplane people as he heard one of the girls exclaimed: "Well, let's see whether the new chassis better than the old," or quietly but clearly for all others to say: "Mikhalych something strong - after yesterday's not just a job appeared, but sat behind the steering wheel! ».



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