The riddle of human Torda

July 1954, the day was hot. An unidentified man just arrived in Japan at Tokyo's airport. In appearance - the average European, but airport security reason he is suspicious.
While checking passports it turns out that a man came out of a state called "Tord". Looks authentic passport, except for the fact that the countries called Tord never existed - at least in this dimension.
A man asked to go to a special room for the additional inspection, and asked to show on the map where it is his country. He unhesitatingly points at the place where is the Principality of Andorra and can not grasp why this map is not available Tord his home country.

According to the man, she should be here, and already at least a thousand years!

Customs officials discover the strange gentleman money in several different European currencies. In his passport mark made in a number of airports around the world, including earlier visit to Tokyo.
Bewildered, the officials decide to take a strange man in one of the local hotels and put the front door of the hotel guard of two people - as long as they fail to solve this riddle.

The company, in which the man, he said, is working for many years, does not have any idea about it, although a man proves that they belong to it documented.

The staff of the hotel, in which, according to him, must be booked in his name, also did not hear about it.

In Tokyo the company, which was headed stranger "for his company," also shook his head.

On top of the puzzle, the hotel room, where a strange man was under guard, mysteriously appeared empty. The man disappeared.

He just could not escape through the window - his number was high enough above the ground, and there was no balcony.

Nobody ever saw this man. The mystery remained unsolved.
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