Moscow - 1958

Erich Lessing was born in Vienna, but in 1939, fleeing the Nazi regime, he emigrated. Father had already died, and his mother, remained in Vienna, later died at Auschwitz. It was during the Second World War, when Lessing served in the British Army, began his career as a photographer - part-time, he documented the event. Erich Lessing later say that he is very "sad manner came to the realization of his childhood dream, but this was met with a fatal".

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In the second half of the 1950s, after the death of Stalin and the XX-th Congress of the CPSU "iron curtain" slightly parted, and the representatives of the Western media have the opportunity to visit the countries of the socialist camp. Erich Lessing and ended up in the USSR in the company of an American actor Bob Hope, to shoot a documentary.

Migrant watching with interest the work of the artist.
By that time, Lessing was already well known. In the late '40s,' 50s, he worked as a photojournalist Associated Press. His stories were published in magazines such as «Heute», «Quick», «Life», «Paris Match», «Epoca», «New York Times», etc.

Metro Belarusian


Bob Hope at work

Hope in the subway

Reading country

In the Museum of the Revolution

Boy sees street cartoons on current issues

Somewhere in the middle

Different people



Pending receipt

At a fashion show

Nasser smiles and waves

Nasser also attached to the holy relics

And claps approvingly, police bdit

Khrushchev something eats

Rain went

Migrant show with portraits

Again hits

Metro Belarusian

Adjuster on Red Square



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