Opportunity on Mars has been working for 10 years

Yes, time is running fast. I've only recently, the feelings, read about the launch of the rover to the Red Planet. But from the moment when the Opportunity for the first time dropped to the surface of Mars, 10 years have passed. It happened January 25, 2004. Since then, the rover has worked on the planet 40 times more than originally planned.

During this time, the rover drove 38, 7 miles, was able to "see" the 3556 Martian dawn, make many thousands of pictures transmitted back to Earth, and also received evidence of the existence of water on the Martian surface. Last year, in early summer, just were obtained evidence existence on Mars (in the past) of fresh water.

It's time to put in this post about this comic rovers, where, according to the device, he has to stay 90 days, after which its creators have taken away the rover back ... Although, there is a continuation of this comic, not sad, but very positive: < br />

The fact that the rover found on Mars, as repeatedly wrote Habré and other resources, so it makes no sense to repeat. But probably the main achievement of the project «Opportunity» was a clear and repeated evidence that Mars in the distant past was warm planet with liquid water, which were all normal living conditions for microorganisms.

More recently, the rover could find here the mysterious stone, which caused heated debates and discussions on the possible ways to getting this object in view of the rover.

Well, you only wish to work unit for another 10 years, and make even more discoveries. The same wish and "Kyuriositi" rover, who also works hard for the good of mankind.

P.S i>. By the way, on January 4 this year marked 10 years since landing on Mars, another rover, Spirit.

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