Scientists have invented a suit invincible Spiderman

US scientists have created the Spider-Man costume, warning of the dangers of the owner
Now, hundreds of fans of Spiderman can see the world through his eyes, writes Metro.
The invention called SpideySense by Professor University of Illinois Chicago Victor Mateevitsi. "When something threatens Spider-Man, he feels it in advance. This concept formed the basis of our suit, "- said the scientist.
In the clothing mounted automatic small arms with microphones, which perceive ultrasound emitted by other objects. If they begin to approach the man, the costume as it is compressed around his body and thus warns of a possible threat.
The invention consists of seven modules, which allows the owner to have almost 360-degree visibility. In addition, it plans to improve with the help of sensors.
Spiderman costume was tested on students who were blindfolded and forced to throw cardboard syakeny ("stars" that are used in combat ninja) in his comrades. "95% of the time young people felt the approach of the enemy, and he could fight off" - told Mateevitsi.
The specialist is going to officially present invention at an exhibition in Stuttgart, which will be held on March 7. The scientist said he hoped that the suit will help to improve the living conditions of the blind, as well as reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists.


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