"Dakar 2014"

Victory "KAMAZ-Master" in the class of trucks ended the thirty-fifth rally-marathon "Dakar-2014". Last day of competition brought answered by a serious affair - the thirteenth special stage on stage, which was the most stressful for both riders and spectators, luck almost slipped from the hands of the Russian pilot Andrew Karginova As promised the organizers, "Dakar-2014" was a record year in terms of complexity . Unlike previous rally-raids that took place in South America, the current marathon was longer than one and a half times, and the race itself was held at a difficult and confusing route. Proof of this - a record number of participants, coming down from a distance.

As the head of the team "KAMAZ-Master" at the "Dakar" Vladimir Chagin, those athletes who were able to reach the finish in the Chilean Valparaiso, without exaggeration, happy people, and the pilots who became the first doubly happy:
"The fact that our crews managed to be in the top ten, I think an excellent result. We have fulfilled the task. It was very easy. Everyone who watched the race, well see how we evolved for the first half - did not promise such a good finish. But the whole team, all the crews were able to overcome the course of events, and now we are taking home to Russia, "Golden Bedouin" "Dakar 2014" ».

But the victory to which our riders were hard for two weeks and nearly fell. The leader of the race in general cargo standings Andrew Karginov walked in the usual fast pace, but at ninety kilometers special stage was forced to stop. On the track lay upturned Chinese SUV racers. According to the regulations of "Dakar", the crew, who saw it, is obliged to stop the race and help. KAMAZ did so, losing more than nine and a half minutes. But at the finish of the incident, no one knew, and at first, our team prepared for the worst, told the "Voice of Russia" Vladimir Chagin:
"Today, all nervous, no one did not know what was really going on. Thought that all the time the crew was lost and we are the second. Many of our fans and the audience thought that victory would not have, and in the Netherlands. But when it became clear that the crew had no damage and other problems, and to assist other crew who turned over, this time under the rules of the competition returns. Of course, the joy was great, just indescribable ».

It was like this. The main rival of Russians, Dutch driver Gerard De Rooy, who, by the way, just traveled overturned cars Chinese, came to the finish line first, and already talked casually with reporters, sipping iced mineral water when the truck appeared on the horizon Karginova.
The last word was for the judges of the race. And they made their verdict, says Vladimir Chagin:
"Each car is equipped with the so-called black box, which writes all the traffic stop and the crew, and where everything happens. A crew must stop if the car in front and must be turned over to help. This is a very traumatic sport, more than sixty people were killed in the history of the 'Dakar'. The boys had passed by, stopped, make sure that the crew is healthy and continue driving. It's time to stop subtracted from the total travel time special stage crew ».

As a result, the judge knocked off the crew Andrew Karginova five minutes and twenty seconds. And on the basis of race recognized his crew champions "Dakar-2014". Late at night in Valparaiso solemn award winners. After that, Russian racers gathered a team, joined by their most loyal fans for many years coming to the finish "Dakar", to celebrate the victory. But the main celebrations await athletes in Russia, where they need to go back on Tuesday night.

All with a victory, the Russians !!!



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